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Difference Between Natural Mattresses – UrthSleep vs Others

Natural mattresses are rising in popularity because people are now looking for cruelty-free alternatives in pretty much every aspect of their daily lives. Consumers no longer look for fancy leather seats, boots, carpets, fur jackets, and mattresses made from animal skin. Even if you’re not a vegan, you have to agree that we can stop the slaughtering of animals to make unnecessary objects. This is where our natural mattresses come in. Here’s what UrthSleep is doing to promote cruelty-free mattresses and why we’re doing it better than our competitors.


Getting allergies from your mattress is a real thing, and it makes life miserable for people that have them. Think about it. You come home after a long day at work and want to get some rest. You lie down, and the next thing you know, your airways are swelling up, and you can’t breathe easily. If you’re looking to avoid such scenarios, our mattresses are perfect for you. UrthSleep is creating allergy-friend organic mattresses that won’t create any problems for people with allergies.

Made In North America

A lot of our competitors, like Purple, Casper, Nest Bedding, etc., are creating quality mattresses. However, their production isn’t taking place in our country. Even if the assembly is taking place locally, the raw materials are still being shipped in from China, Mexico, and other places etc. If you’re looking to facilitate North American brands and companies with your purchase, UrthSleep is the way to go.

Non Toxic Chemicals

UrthSleep is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy sleeping environment for you and your family. We discourage the use of toxic chemicals during the manufacturing of our products.In fact, all our Urthsleep mattresses are manufactured in our GOLS & GOTS certified factory.This is an accolade that not many of our competitors share.

No Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam is a harmful material that has been so normalized that it’s present in pretty much every piece of furniture in your home. This foam contains methylene chloride, hydrochloric acid, toluene diisocyanate, and hydrogen cyanide. All of these materials are toxic and are known to cause severe lung diseases and even cancer in some rare cancer. UrthSleep mattresses don’t use polyurethane foam. It might be present in other furniture, but we’re making sure you’re not exposed to it every single night.

Fire Retardant

Mattresses are practically a ball of fabric just waiting to be lit on fire. Due to this, most popular mattress producers are using fire retardants for your safety. However, their measure is counterproductive since the retardant they use is called Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs).

PBDEs have been used in the mattress-making industry for years. However, they’re extremely harmful to your body. This chemical dissolves into your skin and doesn’t go away. It stays in your tissues and can continue to grow there. PBDEs have been banned in the United States. However, if your mattress is being sourced from other places, it might still contain this chemical. UrthSleep mattresses, as said earlier, are made in the United States, so we adhere to the U.S. standards for mattress making and ensure that the fire retardant in your mattress does not contain harmful components.

Closing Thoughts

So, with that said, it’s pretty easy to see that not all-natural mattresses are the same. Even if a mattress is considered vegan, it may contain some harmful chemicals for you and your family. Keep everyone safe; buy your mattresses from UrthSleep!