The True Vegan Mattress - Urthsleep Mattress by Essentia

 Ah, sleep. There’s nothing better than sinking into your mattress at the end of a long day, or waking up wrapped in a velvety smooth duvet feeling refreshed for the morning ahead. Laying the perfect bed is essential for the quality of sleep we all need, but for vegans, finding a truly comfortable mattress that doesn’t contain animal products has always been a challenge - until now.


With the outrageously cosy Urthsleep mattress by Essentia, an ergonomic, sustainable, and vegan mattress, you can drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep without worry.


Why Urthsleep is the only vegan mattress you’ll ever need


It may sound too good to be true, but our Urthsleep mattress is much more than just a dream! It’s a mattress that ticks every box, and which has been designed and produced by people who truly care about you, animals, and the planet.


We know there’s more to living a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle than re-evaluating your diet, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to help you live as ethically as possible, morning and night. Here’s why our Urthsleep mattress is the only vegan mattress you’ll ever need!

It’s a 100% cruelty-free and vegan mattress


Of course, the most important reason to celebrate Urthsleep is that it’s a dedicated vegan, non-toxic mattress - and it’s also 100% cruelty-free. This means that not only have we produced Urthsleep without animal products and by-products, but we’ve also made sure that our materials haven’t been tested on animals and that our manufacturing methods don’t rely on animal exploitation.


We’re wholeheartedly committed to creating a better, more compassionate future for animals, and don’t believe that mattresses need wool or any other animal product to be of the highest quality! Essentia has always been a dedicated vegan company, so you can trust that we’re not simply meeting a trend or appealing to the plant-based market; we genuinely care, and that’s reflected in each of our products.


The minute you recline onto our gorgeous vegan mattress, you’ll quickly see there’s no need for wool, duck feathers, or any other animal-derived materials. Urthsleep has been designed with intelligent wicking technology that keeps you cool all night, and sports an ergonomic structure with an innerspring that supports you no matter how much you toss and turn.

It’s an eco-friendly and completely non-toxic mattress


With Essentia’s Urthsleep vegan mattress, you can help to protect and preserve the planet - while you sleep! In addition to being vegan, one of the greatest ways to minimise your ecological footprint is to avoid companies and organisations that don’t take responsibility for their environmental impact, and support those that are truly passionate about making sustainable products more widely accessible - like us!


We’re proud to have produced our Urthsleep mattress in our Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTs) and Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLs) certified factory, where we go above and beyond to ensure we’re only using organic cotton, natural latex, and recycled metal in our sustainable, non-toxic mattress.


We believe there’s more to being vegan than protecting animals, which is why we commit to manufacturing our Urthsleep mattresses in ways that are both ethically and socially responsible. For instance, we only source our natural, carbon-infused latex from farms that can prove they don’t use harmful chemicals or treat their workers unfairly.

Why it’s time to treat yourself to the Urthsleep vegan mattress


It’s no secret that for many of us, our beds are a safe haven. This has only intensified following the Covid-19 pandemic, as we all spend more time in bed than ever before. In fact, 72% of people now admit to working from bed - a 50% increase than before the pandemic.


However, spending more time in bed doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re getting more sleep, or that our quality of sleep is improving. It seems the opposite is true, with the same study reporting that one in five people now struggle to sleep between three and five times per week.


It’s clear that our attitudes towards sleep need to change, and that there’s never been a better time to invest in comfortable new bedding - in addition to an ergonomic vegan mattress! Urthsleep is neither too firm nor too soft, has been designed with ethical and environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes, and promises to make it more tempting than ever to prioritize great quality sleep.


Ready to count sheep, without harming any? We’ve got you! Sink into an Urth-loving sleep with help from Essentia, and don’t forget to check out our equally cosy, duck feather-free pillow today.