• Compare UrthSleep by Essentia

Compare UrthSleep by Essentia

Sleep Clean

An affordable mattress search will lead you to a wide array of bed-in-box mattresses, but we know that what’s inside of the box is way more important than the compact box it’s shipped in. What you’ll find in those boxes may be a toxic nightmare… polyurethane foams, fiber batting, and gel polymers. None of these things equal healthy sleep. 

Enter UrthSleep by Essentia, we believe that clean sleep is something everyone should experience, but we also understand that the investment that usually comes with an organic mattress can be quite hefty, and the promise from most bed-in-a-box brands sounds awesome but don't deliver as they're made the same old chemical way.

Cruelty-Free Sleep

UrthSleep’s approach to a healthy mattress is different, we have taken the time to source the best natural materials and worked hard to cut any unnecessary costs. You won't find any animal products or bi-products in the UrthSleep vegan mattress. In fact, you also won't find any toxic chemicals or flame retardants. 

What you will find is cruelty-free sleep innovation. Combining nature's best ingredients such as natural latex made with hevea milk and infusing it with carbon technology to offer superior temperature regulation and antimicrobial properties. Wicking moisture away from the body and absorbing heat for a cooler sleep this clean technology also offers potent broad-spectrum antibacterial properties that inhibit bacterial growth to ensure a clean sleep surface.

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