• The UrthSleep by Essentia Difference

The UrthSleep by Essentia Difference

Handmade with care in Essentia's GOLS & GOTS Certified Organic factory, because you deserve to experience quality, healthy, cruelty-free sleep without breaking the bank.

Sustainable & Eco-Responsible

When designing the UrthSleep by Essentia mattress it was important to source the best ingredients nature has to offer and remaining eco-conscious. This includes GOTS certified organic cotton, natural latex and an innerspring system crafted of recycled steel. UrthSleep by Essentia has also made its mission to remain cruelty-free and be a leader and innovator in the space impacting not only your quality of sleep but also a contributor to the cause. This feature, not found on any other organic mattress in a box, is what sets the UrthSleep mattress apart.

Proudly Cruelty-Free & Vegan

I am passionate and driven by relationships. Friends, family, people walking by, and of course animals. At Essentia, we’ve always been a cruelty-free company and never use any animal products or by-products, we’ve made it a point to be that way and never considered using animal tested components or items like wool or silk. When we had the opportunity to launch a new collection with UrthSleep I wanted to not only make it a great product at a great value but also highlight our cruelty-free ethos and build it to be a leader and a contributor to the cause. What you’ll find in the UrthSleep mattress by Essentia is Essentia’s core values of using natural and organic materials combined with technologies that we’ve been working on when it comes to latex formulations and benefits all crafted in our GOLS & GOTS certified organic factory. I firmly believe that enabling smart consumer decisions that have a positive impact on all beings that inhabit our planet will, in turn, protect our planet.” Jack Dell'Accio, Founder & CEO of Essentia

A Safe, Green Mattress Made With Quality Materials

All the natural latex used on the UrthSleep mattress is sourced from a plantation that follows sustainable farming practices and ensures acceptable working conditions are maintained including no practice of child labor. This also ensures that the natural latex used in your mattress is free of toxic chemicals, pesticides or added fillers during the manufacturing process.

Featuring an 8-inch ergonomic support coil system comprised of individually pocketed innersprings made of recycled steel. The springs are arranged in such a way that they float independently to reduce motion transfer while still offering a reinforced perimeter for edge support so you will never feel like you are falling off the mattress when you are near the edge. This system allows for a broader range of movement, conforming to different sleeping positions and styles, offering back support, posture alignment and contouring for almost all body types.